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Key points of new mold injection test

260 Published by Sabrina wang Apr 06,2020

Key points of new mold injection test



The new mold requires further experiments before the injection molding machine is produced.


mold injection


1. Steps and actions of trial mold


A. Before testing the mold, first check whether the mold is assembled and the raw materials are dried.


B. Before changing the mold, the mold is sprayed with rust inhibitor in the mold to be lowered, the mold is replaced and returned to the place, and the record form is filled out.


C. When loading the mold, you should align the center point of the mold and then work on the mold.The mold must be locked and checked whether the high-pressure mold clamping is effective. The clamping force is determined by the size of the mold. ; High pressure required for small molds 40 ~ 65 PMa; after mold clamping high pressure adjustment, switch mold adjustment to normal speed, low pressure time, distance, pressure, speed adjustment work, low pressure work is very important during normal production, the cause of mold damage is Mold damage caused by incomplete work done at low pressure.


D. To clear the material tube, the other color raw materials and impurities in the material tube should be removed to reduce the injection pressure. Holding pressure. Injection time. Holding time. Reduce the pressure to 50PMa; Compare low-pressure forming condition samples and medium-pressure forming condition samples with high-pressure forming condition samples, and analyze the flow channel method.


E. Manually test the mold before the mold test to confirm whether the demolding operation is smooth and return to position. And when the test mold is injected, the mold release agent is sprayed to the mother mold first, and then the demoulding mode position is adjusted after forming.


mold injection


F. The number of molds to be tested each time is based on the notice of the raw tube. Before each trial, the mold department must be notified to confirm the mold trial action; after the product is tested, the customer will be reviewed. After the review is completed, the molding condition record table and the mold status table are filled out.


G. When the trial mold is completed, the mold is sprayed with rust inhibitor first, and the lower mold is moved to the mold section for modification work.

H. Each mold test must be in accordance with the above items before the mold can be tested, the exact time of the mold test and the higher personnel sent to try the mold.

mold injection


mold injection


2.Key points for trial mold


When we receive a new mold for proofing, we are always eager to try out a result earlier and pray for a smooth process to avoid wasting time and causing trouble. But here we must remind two points:


A. Check the mold as soon as the machine is turned on to confirm that all the mechanisms of the mold are smooth.If the problem stops immediately to avoid unnecessary seriousness, the reciprocating action will be performed several times for the next action without problems.


B. Before the injection action, confirm the mold locking force. The finished product of the first mold can only be shot into the 80% full mold. When there is no problem, try under normal conditions to confirm that the sample meets the customer’s standards. Under normal conditions, the high pressure is 20PMa and the low pressure is lower than 10PMa under normal conditions. To analyze the mold, please remember that all actions must be carried out with low pressure and low band.


These are what injection molding machines need to pay attention to when using new molds

mold injection