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How JIEYANG make injection machines?

350 Published by Sabrina wang Mar 16,2020

How JIEYANG make injection machines?

Dongguan Jieyang Machinery Co., Ltd have produced plastic injection moulding machines more than 10 years with good quality and very competitive prices.Our machines could produce most plastic products especially cables power plugs products.

1.We assemble the main machines frames and make Priming Painting,which will make the  machines antirust.  

2.We will make the Outer Painting,which will make the plastic injection machines waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-acid, anti-alkali,anti-oxidation and bright.  

3.Then we will Connect the wires and assemble the spare parts.Spare parts are mostly from Taiwan as well as Japan.  

4.After that,machines will run testing for 72 hours.This ensures plastic injection machines will work excellently in clients’ factories.  

Clients not only our clients,but also our friends.We always give our clients best friends services.

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