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Preparation of injection molding machine

292 Published by Sabrina wang Aug 12,2020

How to do the Preparation of injection molding machine—One: Operational requirements

1. Open the cooling water valve before the machine is heated and start production, and observe whether the water channel is unblocked.
2. Close the power switch on the side of the control box, turn on the power supply inside the machine, and press the motor start button on the panel to start the oil pump motor.
3. For the machine that is used for the first time and has not been used for a long time, after the oil pump is started, it must be operated for a few minutes before starting to operate.
4. Turn on the barrel heating switch, turn on the electric heating power, adjust the thermostat nozzle and temperature controller on the door of the box, set the temperature, and observe the current of the ammeter to determine the quality of the heating coil.
5. The test run should be carried out from manual → semi-automatic → fully automatic. At the same time, check whether the important fastening bolts are loose, and stop immediately if any abnormality is found. After confirming that it is normal or troubleshooting, then carry out the test run.
6. The barrel should be cleaned when the processing is stopped or when the material is changed. The cleaning should be carried out under the condition of heating the barrel. When the cleaning is completed, the heating switch should be turned off immediately. The cleaning is particularly important for the processing of easily decomposable plastics.

Preparation of injection molding machine’s note:
①The injection seat must be returned when cleaning
②The temperature setting when the two raw materials alternate should be adjusted according to the requirements of high melting materials
③Use polystyrene to clean the decomposed materials

7. When processing is stopped, first turn the action switch to the manual position, place other action switches at the off position OO, turn the barrel heating switch to OFF, press the motor stop button to turn off the oil pump motor, and finally turn off the power switch to end jobs.

How to do the Preparation of injection molding machine—Two: Precautions for use
1. When using the machine, you must pay attention to the safety of the operation. First check the reliability of the safety door. When the machine is running, remember not to put your hands into the clamping mechanism. When taking products, you must open the safety door. After confirming the safety of personnel or the mold is free of foreign objects In order to close the safety door. During operation, the hand cannot reach between the nozzle and the mold gate. When repairing the mold, the oil pump motor must be turned off.
2. Due to the different types of raw materials, the size and shape of the product area, the required clamping force is also different. When adjusting the mold, please adjust according to the minimum clamping force actually required, which not only saves power consumption, but also significantly extends the machine Life.
3. The pressure adjustment of the hydraulic system should be carried out separately according to the requirements of each action. It should not be too high. Using the pressure reasonably can not only save energy, but also extend the life of the machine. The position of each limit switch should also be adjusted according to the requirements of the finished product, especially the adjustment of the switching point during the injection to the holding pressure process, otherwise the product will be insufficiently filled, and on the contrary, the product will be too high. Stress or flash may even cause mold expansion, making it difficult to open the mold.
4. When there is no material in the screw or barrel, it is not advisable to use a high screw speed (preferably below 30 rpm), and increase the screw speed after the raw material is filled with the screw groove (when the melt is extruded from the nozzle) To the required value. In order to avoid scratching the screw or barrel due to too high idle speed or too long time.
5. It takes about thirty minutes for the barrel to heat up from room temperature to the required temperature. In the case of residual cold material in the barrel, it must be kept warm for another ten minutes. The screw can be started for feeding to ensure that the residual cold material is fully melted and to avoid damage to the screw.
6. The safety valve of the oil pump in the machine has been adjusted at the factory, please do not change it at will.
7. The machine starts to run, when the cooling water temperature rises by 5C°-10C° (when there is no water in the cooler, it must be filled with water first), then gradually open the water inlet valve of the cooler and adjust it during use The water intake keeps the oil temperature.

Below 55C°. When starting the cooler, remember to quickly open the water inlet valve, because when a large amount of cooling water flows through the cooler, a layer of poor thermal conductivity will be formed on the surface of the cooler tube, even if a large amount of water enters the cooler in the future , The result is still not a good cooling effect.

8. The lubrication of the machine is strictly implemented in accordance with the operating requirements. Running under the condition of lack of oil will severely wear the parts, especially the connecting rod and steel sleeve of the clamping machine. If there is lack of oil, it may be bitten and cannot work. .
9. The connecting screw part of the heating and plasticizing part such as the barrel and screw, because it works at high temperature, when disassembling, the threaded part should be coated with heat-resistant grease (red lead or copper disulfide) to avoid biting and disassembly. .
10. The mold mounting surface of the template has high processing accuracy. Please do not use molds with poor mounting surface and parallelism and bad screws to avoid damage to the performance of the template and the clamping mechanism.
11. Please do not leave the mold in the clamping state for a long time (more than ten minutes) for the two planes of the mold installation, so as not to cause the connecting rod pin and the steel sleeve to break the oil, and the mold may not be opened.
12. Always keep mutual movement and clean surface.
13. At the end of each processing:
①Close the hopper blanking plate, adopt the “manual” operation mode, the injection seat moves backward and repeats the pre-plastic feeding and injection, and exhausts the remaining material in the barrel as much as possible.
②Using “manual” operation mode, the closed mold is in a free state.
③ Cut off the heating power supply, turn off the oil pump motor, main power supply and cooling water.
④ Do the cleaning and maintenance of the machine.

14. Recognize the nameplate of each switch during operation, and do not operate it by mistake to avoid damage to the machine.
15. When the electric heating coil is in use, the coil will heat up and expand and may become loose. Please check it frequently during use and tighten it at any time.
16. The probe of the thermocouple should be in good contact with the end of the temperature measuring hole of the barrel. Check it before driving. If the contact is found to be poor, tighten it at any time.

The Preparation of injection molding machine is very important.It will make the machine working  better and life longer.